ESSHC. Social Inequality Network. First call. Deadline April 15, 2019

ESSHC_Social Inequalities_call


European Social Science History Conference


Save the date: Wednesday 18 – Saturday 21 March 2020

Where? Leiden, the Netherlands



      Social Inequality Network.

First call. Deadline April 15, 2019



On behalf of the Social Inequality Network, we invite you to participate in our upcoming conference.


We are proud to be one of the leading networks in ESSHC in terms of submissions for the previous conferences. Thus, our network was honored to host a substantial number of panels. Yet, the number is not infinite, thus we encourage you to apply as fast as you can. Earlier submissions will have more chances to be included. We care about both quality and quantity, and we hope to maintain our performance which is, of course, a reflection of your participation.


We invite you to:

Propose a panel.  We generally expect to have four presenters per panel, a chair, and a discussant. Please, keep in mind that we can help you find the latter two. In case you do not have four participants we will consider matching you with some other sessions. A wide range of issues covering social inequalities is welcomed. We also encourage you to think about multidisciplinary topics. It is important to gather participants from different universities and countries. We expect a considerable organizational effort from you, to contact all participants, establish deadlines and submit your panel.

Submit your paper. An individual paper addressing social inequalities in history is welcomed. Our previous participants raised issues of gender, educational, labor, wage inequalities in selected territories as well as comparatively. One person can present only one paper. However, you are allowed to take multiple roles (coauthor, chair, discussant). You cannot chair or discuss in the same session you present your own paper.


Join our network meeting in Leiden! As always, we will meet to discuss our performance and future plans. Everyone is invited to participate.


How to submit your panels and/or papers? You should visit the website of ESSHC and follow their process. Please, when sending panels/papers to ESSHC, also send them to us by email. We do not want to miss your submission, and we want to make sure that your work fits our network. If you are not sure if your panel/paper fits (or have any question) – please contact Tymofii Brik (


Deadline is April 15, 2019


Not sure if our network is for you?

This is the list of topics presented by our participants in 2018 in Belfast: Women in Changing Labour Markets (occupational mobility, labour force participation,  wages); Mutual aid, state provision, welfare state (health insurance, poor relief); Inequalities in Late Medieval Europe (spatial inequalities, social stratification); Social stratification and mobility (marriage ties, education and social classes); Economic and wealth inequalities (incomes, taxes, wealth). A wide range of historical periods from 1500 till 1990s were covered in previous presentations.

You can also check the cloud of keywords at the beginning of this document or visit the ESSHC website, select “browse networks”, search for Social Inequalities.


Please, feel free to share this message and invite your colleagues! Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Kind regards,


Tymofii Brik, Kyiv School of Economics (Kyiv, Ukraine)


Marco van Leeuwen, Utrecht University (Utrecht, the Netherlands)


Lynn Hollen Lees, University of Pennsylvania(Philadelphia, the US).


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