Religious vitality and values (REVIVALS) is a project which I have developed for my dissertation.

With an enormous help provided by Stanislav Korolkov I have compiled the data of the religious communities for various denominations in Ukraine from 1991 to 2015.

This is a snapshot of the sources:

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Most importantly, the bulk of the data has been collected on the regional level. This allowed me matching the contextual data with the surveys conducted annually from 1992 to 2006 by the Institute of Sociology (NASU).

By using more refined data as well as applying IV techniques I was able to tease out the effects of religious competition (which was quite problematic in the previous literature). The main finding of my working paper is that church competition in Ukraine  within denominations has significantly contributed to religious participation of Ukrainians in the course of decades.

Some preliminary results of my work were presented at “IOS Summer academy “Path Dependencies in Economic and Social Development” at Tutzing. I also described my main findings here.

Here you can see some of my data and r-scripts.




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